Your camera is a tool for telling your story.  Learn how to master your DSRL or mirrorless camera to take beautiful photos of your everyday, vacations, and stories.

Shooting Beyond Basic – $250

We’ll learn all about the controls of your camera, how to create properly exposed images, understand basic composition and lighting, and basic photo editing.  We will meet weekly for four weeks and take a shooting field trip.  Classes will be limited to 2-4 students.  It’ll be silly and rad and you will leave the class able to shoot manually and with confidence.  Perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about a new camera or how to really use that lovely camera you already have.


Individual Classes & Mentoring – $75/hour

For anyone looking to learn how to use their camera or how to use it more effectively.  These one-on-one meetings will be tailored to fit your goals using your gear.  We’ll create a teaching plan and schedule meeting times that work for your life.  Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule or those looking to elevate their skills.


To register for a class, email or complete this form.