Little Land of Lakes: Pyramid State Park

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I think this year in glamping will bring some exciting challenges like, “That looks like a road on Google Maps…let’s try it!” and, “Well, this road is pretty narrow, good thing Honeysuckle Manor isn’t very wide!” and, “Oops, forgot the bug spray, I’m sure the mosquitoes aren’t that bad here.”  I mean, one could let these challenges cause excessive stress sweating, and they do, but we’ve been diving in head first.  And a good place to try all of them is Pyramid State Park. Continue reading “Little Land of Lakes: Pyramid State Park”

Life as Composite: Photography + Glamping

It’s time for a change, more rad, more real!   It feels natural to really integrate my two passions: photography and glamping.  Some of you may know my husband and I have a separate blog in which we write about glamping, but it’s fallen off the radar since we moved to O’Fallon, IL, which always makes me wistful when I think about it.  So we are shaking things up around here.  Starting with an announcement: I have staff!  And by staff I mean my husband.  And by that I mean, we are folding our Happy Glampers blog into our family business and he’s a really good writer, the much better speller, and he makes beer.  But all silliness aside, TJ has been my editor from the beginning of this business, he helps me “see” better, is my muse for some of my most meaningful work, and he always knows when to bring a frosty beverage to my desk.


I think it may be best to let him introduce himself in his own words and at the same time give you a glimpse into the glamping side of things.  So follow us as we write about glamping in Illinois or where ever the road may lead; photography on the road, in the studio, and on location; and our future projects (photo and glamping alike).

Continue reading “Life as Composite: Photography + Glamping”

365 Project: Week 1 | St. Louis Photographer

Once I make it through the heady haze of New Year’s morning and have listened to U2’s “New Year’s Day” at least once while doing my best kitchen dancing it’s time to pour a big cup of coffee and make some goals.  I can’t call them resolutions because that doesn’t work for me.  Kind of like how this year I was all resolved for a dry January (“yeah, I am so all about that”) and then a week later felt so old trying to make technology work that it seemed the natural thing to remind one’s self that with age comes privilege.  You bet your sweet buns I opened up a bottle of wine poured a healthy volume into my fanciest glass and sat down to laugh about it all.  But I did make a goal I want to share with you, in fact, I may need your encouragement: my first 365 project. Continue reading “365 Project: Week 1 | St. Louis Photographer”