Keepsake Sessions

Maybe your kids are like mine – they have that one toy that is legend, the one they can’t remember sleeping without, the one you’ve patched and sewn back together in the wee hours of the morning.  I know one day they won’t need those toys, but maybe I will.



Normally, I hate keeping things.  We have one small box of baby things, that’s it.  Its a shoe box and if it didn’t make the cut, I won’t miss it.  But my daughters each have a most cherished toy that has become another member of our family: Dolly and OPB (Old Pink Bunny).  Even though my kids are getting bigger and braver Lord help us all if either of these lovies goes missing or ends up shredded by an anxious dog.  How I wish I could keep Dolly and OPB in the small box, but let’s be honest, there is no way they will make it, and even if I did put them away, they’d fall apart before the next generation of babies would ever look on them.


Now just as much as I love these things of my children, I love them because of my children.  Because of the personalities they’ve instilled in these things.  Because of the worn marks they have inflicted on them.  So how do you keep these funny little things forever?  Enter the photographer – whimsical pictures, that’s how.



We now offer keepsake sessions as a service to capture the love of that special little toy as the fine art that it deserves to be.  Imagine the silly little picture of you child’s OPB above their desk next to their favorite band poster in high school, holding it’s own on that little wall in their first apartment as a warm greeting to them each day, lovingly placed in the nursery of their first baby as a little whimsical reminder of their own love-filled childhood.  Or maybe you are like me, and it’s just a little treat for your soul – a reminder of the ones you love the most.



It’s a little thing, but it holds so much love.


Sessions include a quick photo session and a framed print ready to hang or place.  Email me at to arrange your keepsake session.