Meet the Artist | Pablo Martinez

Pablo is just cool.  Like, he’s got the midas touch but with the cool: rather than turning into gold, his photos are always inherently cool.  Also, I have to tell you how brave I think he is – I mean, the man shoots on film!

For our last Meet the Artist event until the fall, we’ll be highlighting Pablo and his art-house punk work.  Our event will be chill and super interactive and you can get a taste for Pablo’s unique blend of instant film photography and modern technology.


But it’s best to let Pablo introduce himself:

“Born in Texas, Raised in Oklahoma”.

As a former musician and concert promoter, I fell into photography after realizing a need for our local music scene to be documented around 2010.  From that need, I bought my first DSLR, a Canon T2i. This camera lasted from 2010-2012 after dying horrible Warped Tour Related death. Some of my images from that time are featured in AP Magazine, on Century Media Records sleeves, band merch, show flyers and independent LP’s.

I continued shooting concerts until 2014 when I realized  two things; new photographers had appeared who were doing it way better than me and I got the same shots every time. I was bored and in a rut. At that point I had a small following on social media but decided to delete all my raw files, sell my gear and step away.

A few years passed until I bought an Instax Wide 300 which reminded me why I loved photography and ignited my love of instant film. From there I bought Polaroid Land Cameras, Polaroid 600’s, 35mm, & 120mm cameras that forced me to slow down and plan every shot carefully and that hold you responsible for every shot.

Whether it be boudoir, weddings, cosplay, fine art or documentary I have grown to love photography again and seeing people’s excitement  when I offer a picture is what I truly love.


We hope to see you Friday, May 17, 2019 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM!