Meet the Artist | Bethany Erby

On a cold winter’s day I met a kindred spirit who warms my heart with her smiles.  Bethany Erby has just moved back to Altus and I am so excited for you all to meet her!  Our artist spotlight this month will shine on this maternity, birth, newborn, and beauty photographer who brings so much warmth and passion to her work.


Not only is Bethany an amazingly talented photographer, but she’s also a certified doula and lactation consultant.  Her passion to empower the journey of motherhood is palpable in everything she does and drives her massive talent in art.  This Meet the Artist event will inform us about art pushed by passion.  We’ll have tasty treats and mocktails and goodie bags for the mommas to be.  We’ll hear Bethany talk to us about her journey and what informs her photography and be dazzled with all the lovely things she uses to help women see their beauty shine through imagery.


So let me introduce Bethany –


A bit about the consummate professional she is:


Bethany Branch-Erby is a trained birth doula, lactation specialist, and award-winning international photographer. With nearly nine years of experience in professional photography her work has been featured in Rangefinder, Toffee & Honey,  and Feorce Magazine, featured on Tampa Birth Photographer’s Top 15 in DFW, ranked 8 in 2017 in The Portrait Masters Awards and various featured blogs.  With more than four years in birth work, Branch-Erby has championed outstanding doula and lactation work in such countries as Italy, London, and Japan.

As an international consultant, Branch-Erby’s experience also includes new parent transition assistance (with a historical focus on the military family), while empowering women and giving back to under-served populations. It’s Bethany Branch-Erby’s passion, honor, and joy to work with mothers and capture precious images so they never forget their beautiful miraculous birthing experience and their beauty within.


And she’s so fabulous!



We hope to see you for our Meet the Artist Event at the studio on Friday, March 29, 2019 from 7:00-9:00 PM!


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