Gilded Prairie 2019

Happy new year to you all! May this year be your favorite yet, fill your heart with joy, and hold beautiful memories.

Looking back on 2018 I can’t believe what we accomplished with Gilded Prairie. I’m so excited to bring more to our community in Altus and to you.

There are places that are points on a map of where you have lived, and then there are the places that are more than that – they are parts of your heart.  I never thought that I’d say that about a small town in southwest Oklahoma, but here I am saying it.

I grew up as a city kid.  I’m proud of the blocks that are the geography of my childhood in Minneapolis.  I love that city and the people in it.  But then I feel in love with a man who put the world at my feet and gave me the courage to experience more of it.  As a military family we’ve lived on both coasts and places in between and I’ll tell you nothing feels as perfect to me as a morning in the prairie.

We first came to Altus, OK on our honeymoon.  In fact it was our honeymoon.  We moved away from Altus, then we moved back, and away again, and back again. 

I think it can be said of us that our hearts and minds don’t shrink as we age: we create more love and open our minds as we experience more of the world – and this makes us more brave.  Armed with this bravery (or reckless abandon), our latest move to Altus seemed like the perfect time to take this photography business to the next level and open a studio. Opening a business is terrifying. The risk of failure is real, the feeling like you are exposing some of your soul to the world, the time spent away from family doing something so uncertain. But I knew I wanted to take this business seriously, for me, for my daughters, for any other military spouse looking to realize a dream. From the moment I began looking for a space, we received nothing but support from this community and I’m no longer terrified, but exhilarated.

I love making plans. I love thinking of all the possibilities. So get ready 2019, I’ve got some big dreams for you! I hope you join me in these crazy schemes, because life is better together. Some things you can look for from Gilded Prairie this year:

  • New photography education opportunities for you to grow your photography journey
  • Meet the Artist – an event series where you get to know local and military affiliated artists of all genres
  • Adventure family photography – sessions that are fun experiences themselves (and beautiful photos in beautiful places)
  • More authentic and timeless studio and on-location portraits
  • Collaborations with businesses and brands
  • Blog posts!!!!

I do so hope you stay tuned for all of these ventures! If you don’t already, give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram (@gildedprairie) to see what’s new.

Cheers to this new year and to you!