Metal Prints – So shiny, so perfect!

Ever since seeing a photograph printed on metal, I’ve been in a swoon.  This is some mad love.  Colors are so crisp and bright, it’s like looking through a window to some wonderful memory.  They are a cinch to hang and bring such a clean and modern look to wall art.  And so when it came to designing products in our new packages, it’s all about the metal.

Packages with Happy Glampers Photography feature combinations of metal prints, albums, and prints.  Let me give you a closer look at the metal prints.



This is our “starter gallery” offered in a couple of our packages.  This gallery comes mounted and ready to hang as soon as you take it out of the box.  The starter gallery includes two 11 x 14 prints and one 16 x 20 print.



Now, these aren’t as large as we can go, oh, the fun can get really big!  But I wanted to offer something to you that you could easily incorporate into your existing art while also being something you can to which you could add future family portraits.  Your family will grow and change, I want never to feel that you have to replace a piece of art we create together, but rather that there is always room for the next chapter.


These prints are incredibly long-lasting and durable and clean up with just a cloth.



Additionally, these can be super cool, unique desk photos.  Unlike the prints above, this has a matte finish, so it’s less reflective but still color intense.





And of course I would only create art for you that I would put on my walls.  This starter gallery is along one wall in my living room.  My children love seeing their pictures, and that of our “other” family member – Honeysuckle Manor the Airstream.



If you have any questions about metal prints or packages, feel free to drop me a line here.