Introducing Packages + Galleries

This month marks the 3rd Anniversary of the launch of Happy Glampers Photography, and with each milestone we try to slow down and check back in with the foundations of this little business.  So really this is all about you.  You, beautiful people, are the foundation of this business.


Lately, I’ve been waxing philosophic about the meaning of photography: why do we love this art form?  What purpose does this work serve?  What is a photograph, really?  And here’s what I think: photography is the way we mark our time on this Earth.  A photograph captures who we love, how we look when we are with our favorite people, how we spend our precious time together.  Photographs help us see the true beauty in ourselves and our beloveds.  We use photography to give us a bit of immortality, to remember and share a moment forever.


And this meaning is more than sharing pretty pictures on social media. This meaning deserves to be on display, for you to love and for your grandchildren to cherish.


And here’s another thing:  You are busy.  Who has time to print and arrange those photos?  That is why you hire a professional.


All this really comes down to a simple goal of mine: I don’t want to be just a photographer.  I want to be YOUR photographer; the person you trust to create and deliver these important photographs.  The photographer who knows you and your family, who knows your story, and knows how you like to capture your moments.  The photographer you trust to deliver beautiful art for your walls and memory books.  Your photographer.


To that end, Happy Glampers Photography introduces our new packages and products.


Here’s what you’ll see from us from now on:


  • Packages are designed to get a photograph (or two, or more!) that you love up on your wall. We offer beautiful metal prints that will arrive ready to hang and bring a smile to your face.
  • Albums!  Albums!  We’ve curated beautiful albums you’ll be sure to love that will tell the story of your family or your special event.  We take pride in offering albums that will last for generations and are beautiful from cover to cover.
  • Gift prints are an integral part of our packages.  These are smaller sized prints (4 x 6 , 5 x 7, and 8 x 10) which you can easily pop into your favorite frame or give to a loved one.
  • Social media ready digital images of your ENTIRE gallery are included with each package.  These images are perfect for viewing on any device and make for easy sharing on any platform.
  • A wide variety of prints, canvases, and metals available a la carte to perfectly commemorate any moment in your life, big or small.


Thank you all for your support over the last three years!  Now let’s get to creating some more art!