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Some might call it winter, but I call it camping weather.  And the first and most important thing to pack: a camera.

It’s absolutely my favorite thing to photograph family trips: all the memories and new experiences oh, I just want to bottle them all up!  But here’s the big thing: you have to be able to be in the moment too, not acting as the pro-photog tagging along.

You may be thinking I don’t want to carry all that camera stuff. I hear that. So don’t. Go simple. Sure you could take that giant telephoto lens because you might see that one bird, you could take your favorite portrait lens because the sunsets will be amazing light for shots of the kids, you could take that wide-angle lens for the beautiful landscapes. You could do all that, but when it’s with your family, keep it simple. Pick your favorite all around utilitarian lens and camera, that’s all you really need: 1 camera, 1 lens.

If you have  one, I suggest bringing a 35 mm lens.  This focal length works well for landscapes, portraits, and street/documentary style photographs.  One of the great side effects of going simple is you don’t get to think much about taking photos in the moment, you just do it, and it’s easier to be present in the moment.  It’s probably no surprise that my favorite go to camera for traveling, especially camping, is the Fuji 100.

Now what to take pictures of: everything, ha! But maybe really think about it during the quiet moments. Your kids are splashing around in tide pools, yes!  You are sitting around a camp fire, yes! Your partner is napping with a book on their face, yes! You take a short walk alone, yes!  But once you take some photos, put the camera down and don’t worry about missing the next great shot.

These are some shots from our “early spring” camping trip. I hope they tell the story of who we were and the world we lived in that will be treasured by my kids when they have kids.







What tricks do you like to use to capture your family trips?  Comment below and let’s learn from each other.

As always, please feel free to drop me a line with any questions.