365 Project: Week 1 | St. Louis Photographer

Once I make it through the heady haze of New Year’s morning and have listened to U2’s “New Year’s Day” at least once while doing my best kitchen dancing it’s time to pour a big cup of coffee and make some goals.  I can’t call them resolutions because that doesn’t work for me.  Kind of like how this year I was all resolved for a dry January (“yeah, I am so all about that”) and then a week later felt so old trying to make technology work that it seemed the natural thing to remind one’s self that with age comes privilege.  You bet your sweet buns I opened up a bottle of wine poured a healthy volume into my fanciest glass and sat down to laugh about it all.  But I did make a goal I want to share with you, in fact, I may need your encouragement: my first 365 project.


It’s pretty self explanatory – take a photo every day for a year.  It may seem like a lot of pressure, and I hope it is, it’ll push me forward.  This is what I think will happen: I will have days in which nothing seems worthy to document, some days I will feel like all I have is super derivative and boring, and some photos are going to be lame.  But this is what I hope to gain: improved composition skills, improved editing, better understanding of my voice as an artist, and preserving a year of memories for my family – the exciting days and the dull.


It’s only been a week and already feel like I’ve learned more about my art.  As a plus, my kids seem totally into it and like helping – this will not last, but I’ll take it now.


Here are my first photos for the year:


So who’s with me?  Drop me a line, we can share on social media if that’s your thing.  Let’s encourage each other, let’s celebrate our voices, let’s laugh when it’s hard and cheer when we are proud.