A Few of My Favorite Things – Classic Cars | O’Fallon, IL Photographer

I am a total hypocrite.  I talk all this jazz about caring for the environment and conserving fossil fuels and teaching our children about environmental stewardship but really you know what I really want?  To drive around in some gas-guzzling, emissions spewing classic car like I just don’t care. 

In my fantasy life I will learn all about car mechanics and electrical engineering and convert one of these babies to an electric car that soothes my charlatan soul, but until then….


Now, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not nostalgic for these eras (I mean all the inequality, injustice, etc., yuck!) but the design.  Oh, the design!


I recently visited this awesome place, Country Classic Cars near Staunton, IL, with my dear friend and fellow photographer Elizabeth of Growing Frames Photography.  It’s magical.  There are over 4,000 classic cars to see and drool on.  I’m in love with several and hope my call of “dibs” will hold while I scramble some funds together.  And just so you know, I’m looking into the whole conversion to electric thing, looking and plotting….


But until then, here’s some eye candy.



You can find these photos and more in this gallery, even order prints if it strikes your fancy.  Growing Frames also has a delightful gallery for even more fun!