Kids + Studio = Fun (really!) | O’Fallon, IL Family Photographer

Kids in a photo studio… sounds boring, right?  If you are like me, the first thing a studio brought to my mind was a smudgy gray/pastel background and brown shag carpet and everyone shouting at a kid to smile at the birdy.  Ug.  Yeah, let’s do away with that.

This is what I love about getting kids in the studio:

  1.  No worries about the weather!  Who cares if it’s 100 degrees out or the windchill is -10?!  Who cares if it’s raining?!  Your session is booked, no worries about plan B!
  2.  You can control distractions.  Of course the best photos are when your child doesn’t even realize there is a camera present, and that will happen in the studio.  But we won’t have to worry about the swing set on the other side of the park that you can just see.  Which means, of course, we must play and play now!
  3.  We can take our time.  We won’t ever need to feel rushed because of weather, or wind, or other people using the space.  It is just us, hanging out, sharing a juice box and laughing.
  4.  Kids feel so special.  When the big lights go on all the world is a stage and they are front and center.  One of my daughters is extremely shy but you get that kid in the studio with the lights on and she may as well be Barbara Streisand.
  5.  Simple photos are classic.  No trends that will go out of style.  No clutter to distract from your child.  Just simple classic portraits.


Recently, I had the privilege to have this sweet one in the studio.


Childrens Portrait Photographer-3


































Yeah, she rocked it.


Childrens Portrait Photographer-2 Childrens Portrait Photographer Childrens Portrait Photographer-4

















































Childrens Portrait Photographer-5




































Kids + studio!