Orchids in Pink | O’Fallon, IL Photographer

Here marks the first blog post filed under “personal projects.”  Whoo hoo!  It’s taken a lot of courage-building to share photos that I just take just for me, and hope they might entertain you.

The first series I’ve planned to share are flowers, my first muse.  I can’t tell you how many gardens I have dragged my family to and then promptly strayed away, fixated on some petals.  And OH! If there are water droplets present, just forget about me for 20 minutes.  Heaven!


The Missouri Botanical Garden is running it’s annual orchid show, and what a treat for the winter color blahs!  Now seriously, I think I snapped over 140 photos in an hour, and figuring out how to serve them in digestible chunks has me in a pickle.  So: let’s sort them by color!



STL Orchids-2





STL Orchids





STL Orchids-3


Orchids just fascinate me.  The seemingly infinite variety of this species!  And though there are so many hybrids which are the prima donnas of plants, those in nature seem to subsist on air and water vapor alone.


Well, I sincerely hope you like these photographs.  Feel free to drop a line or comment and please share your photography obsessions.