Monochrome Monday: January 25, 2016

This week I wanted to explore contrast in black and white images.  I messed around looking for contrasts that were subtle but cannot be ignored once noticed.   Then I found some, just staring at me in the mirror…… my grey hair, dund dund duuuuuuh.


So I did what anyone else does, a bathroom selfie.


January 25, 2016



See them? Those maybe not so subtle reminders that time is passing, I’m aging, I’m changing.  Black and white images can help you see those subtle contrasts and you can use them to tell a story, or to highlight an emotion.


But why this example?  Because I want to urge you to document yourself.  Bathroom selfies, self portraits with a timer, handing your camera over to a partner, how ever you do it, capture YOUR subtle changes.  And love yourself for all of the changes, all of the years of love and life you have created.


I’ll admit I have no plan to dye my greys.  Nothing against anyone else who may choose to do so, but it’s just not my thing.  Maybe once they all turn grey, I’ll bust out that fuchsia dye and have to start taking more color photos.  But until then, cheers to you grey hair, and reminding me of the subtle changes in life.


January 25, 2016-2


All my best,