Monochrome Monday: Girl

She’s not a little kid anymore.  She tells me this all the time.


Girl Portrait_

We see beautiful photos of babies everywhere.  We joke about parents taking photos of babies doing the most mundane things, ALL THE TIME.  You know what I think? Good, do it, and keep doing it.

Kids relate to cameras differently as they grow.  Babies could care less, toddlers try to wander, preschoolers loose patience, school age kids just want to get back to whatever.  But they will be so glad you took those photos when they look back to see their story.

So just take the photos.  Don’t worry about if they are looking or not, just capture what they liked doing, what faces they made when they were concentrating, what their hands looked like.  Because in 20 years when they look back they will see their journey and maybe it will help them figure out who they are, who they want to be.  And just as importantly, they will see themselves through your eyes and they will see how loved they are.