Monochrome Monday: Happy 2016!

Happy new year all!


This year I’m thinking a lot about the art of being deliberate and cultivating inner peace.  My family is at one of those moments where you can see big changes coming, exciting changes.  My little girl is becoming a big girl and my baby is becoming an independent and creative preschooler.   Our families are maturing and growing, and there are many new people to love in our world.  I feel like this will be a year I’ll want to bottle.


It’s hard for me to find my inner peace amidst change, it’s something I want to focus on this year.  And I want to take pictures, lots of pictures.  So, in an attempt to use my passion to feed my soul, these shall be new themes in my photography this year: deliberateness and peace.


So here we go.  This is my baby just before quiet time, relaxing and breathing in her favorite comfort animals.


Scott AFB St Louis lifestyle photography


Here’s to 2016 being your favorite year.