NEW SESSION: Heritage Sessions | Scott Air Force Base Photographer

Everyone has a muse, for me it’s this guy.


Portraits of military scott air force base


My husband, my hero.





Inspired by this man, his service, and all the amazing people we’ve met on this crazy journey, I am excited to announce a new session offering: the Heritage Session.





Think of this as the unofficial photo.  A way to capture the memories that your family has of you as the everyday hero you are.






The badass you are.




These images will preserve YOUR history of your service.  On your terms.  The record of service, sacrifice, and place in history that you will leave written in the story of this country, it is the heritage of your family.




Because your story is important and your service is a legacy.




For session details, click here.


And most importantly, thank you all you amazing service members, past and present.  And thank you to all family who have sacrificed, served, and supported your service member.