Throwing the Doors Open to the New Studio | O’Fallon, IL Photographer

Today I am so excited to announce the opening of our first studio!

Of course, I had some helpers, and it was Halloween, so we played around in the new space….

family portraits scott air force base

children portraits scott air force base

Family portraits scott air force base

Now, I must admit to you, when first conceiving of this photography business I never thought I’d be doing this.  But my vision was short sighted.  I LOVE sitting down one on one with a client, getting to know more about them, capturing images in which they can see how special and beautiful they are.

Children's portraits scott air force base O'Fallon IL

I am excited to meet you in this special space: let’s share a pot of tea, a drink, let’s laugh and tell stories, let you be you because you are beautiful.