Monochrome Monday: September 21, 2015

Meet our fiddle leaf fig.




My husband thinks I may be developing a new compulsion: houseplants.  Pfffft.  So maybe I’ve added like 10 to my collection since we moved here four months ago, that’s normal, right?


But this one!  I have found myself just staring at the leaves and the cellular structure for more than is probably normal.  And then the sun was in just the right place today….  OK, it’s a problem.




Also, don’t recurring patterns just fascinate you? Like, something about the cells remind me of suburban developments, or duckweed on a pond.




But down to the photography.  For this shot, there was a very bright light in the background.  This can be tricky when you take photos using auto settings because you may end up with underexposed subjects, they will appear very dark.  So, try taking manual control and change your metering (the little bar that tells you if your image is under or over exposed) to a spot metering mode, then base your setting off the metering on your subject.  This will enable to you isolate your subject and get the exposure right, rather than what the camera will likely default to which would be to average exposure for the entire frame of view.


Please feel free to share your tips, questions, and/or work.  And here’s to a wonderful week for all!